What Are Fjords?


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Specifically speaking from a geographical perspective, fiords are basically long, extremely deep and narrow inlets carved from inside the coastline when, on a usual and general basis, the water level is mostly deeper than the normal sea-floor off-shore. But sometimes it happens that the normal sea-floor's death exceeds that of water.

As of the geographical location of fiords, they are normally found in the state of Norway. However it is not the only place where fiords are located. These narrow, deep and elongated inlets could also be found in the west of Canada, the south of China, the South Island of New Zealand and even the North Western part of Scotland.

It is believed that the main source of origin for fiords came from great cracks and faults that were present in mountains. During the Great Ice Age that started a million years ago, the glaciers spread down from the mountains and deepened the fiords into the colossal troughs that they are today.

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