How Are Fjords Formed?


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Fjords are formed during the glaciation period. They are naturally formed and cannot be artificially made. They are formed by creating narrow and long inlets in a body of water. The bottom of the fjord is eroded which makes it easy for the ships to navigate easily through the narrow inlet without bumping into anything. They are formed in a sort of a valley with the walls running diagonally downwards. The walls are very steep and slippery. Fjords are formed near the snow clad mountains when the glacier comes running down from it. The fjords are usually found in the northern hemisphere where the temperature is quite low and ice is formed easily.

The first fjord that was recognized was the Okanagan Lake in Canada in 1962. Some of the most incredible fjords can be seen in Norway, Iceland, North-East United States of America, Antarctica and most of the European countries.

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