When Was The Gyroscope Invented?


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Although the gyroscope was invented by a German G.C. Bohnenberger, it was named by a French physicist Leon Foucault. He named it in 1852 when he used the device to elucidate the rotation of the Earth. The name comes from the Greek language and is a combination of two words gyros (which means turn or revolution) and skopein (which means 'to view'). As the combination suggests, gyroscope was the perfect name for the device, which actually 'viewed the turning' of the Earth.

As for the invention, the gyroscope was invented in 1810. In a gyroscope a wheel is mounted in such a manner that it is free to revolve around any axis. Another very important characteristic of the gyroscope is called 'precession'- which means that when one does manage to overcome the resistance and push the axis out of the straight, the gyroscope does not tilt the way it is pushed but actually at right angles to the push and axis
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