When Was The Toothbrush Invented?


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It is not known as to when was the toothbrush invented but it believed that it was invented in China. However, William Addis from England first mass produced toothbrushes in 1780. In 1850, H. N. Wadsworth from the United States had the first patent for a toothbrush.

It was only after the World War II that the concept of brushing teeth caught up in the US. Earlier the toothbrush was made of bone with holes bored in it. Siberian Boar's hair was used as bristles. However they were neither ideal nor convenient because they didn't dry well, bristles would fall out of the brush and it retained bacteria. Slowly and gradually the natural bristles were replaced by synthetic (nylon) bristles.

Broxodent, the first electric toothbrush was introduced in 1959 by Squibb Pharmaceutical. It was developed at the centennial of the American Dental Association. Research shows the electric toothbrush is more effective at removing plague as compared to normal toothbrush.

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