What Is The Difference Between Waterford And Wexford Crystal?


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Waterford has a long standing history of quality and is pricey . Therefore, for  the average person it just isn't attainable. Wexford on the other hand I love, for that very reason . It's attainable. A lot of it is coming on the market know because it was introduced 40-50(probably 50's) . I know people think they have a fortune in their wexford collections. Well no. Perhaps certain pieces. I have never said it's actually cheap to them because it would blow a bubble.  So, much was produced and bought. Anchor hocking made it look like it was fit for a princess. When the sun glistens on all the facets, its like diamonds. I love it because I can mix and match with all sorts of glass and china. If it breaks or chips in the dishwasher,or I drop it. No big deal I go to the flea market and replace it. My waterford sits in the china cupboard. I or no one else wants to risk breaking it. My waterford pattern is sheila. It's probably -to expensive --one glass over 125.00. You can pick up wexford at thrifts /flea markets and garage sales cheap. The bread plates make great coasters for the big drinking cups. I keep them at all the bedsides for those that need their night glass of water. The whole/or parts of any of all that is available of other sets are  very versatile. And did I say cheap. More and more are going to come on the market because that generation has died off and their young ones don't understand money. Look at bridal registries. Who can afford to pay 100- 150 a place setting--duh. I buy all old things and mix and match. In 20 years , I have hardly set the table the same way twice. I have a red, blue ,white, clear,green, patterned. The key is imagination. --and about four storage cupboards. I think I need one more. People cast things off that have great artistic value. We were once a leader in making glass. Read up on the different old companies. My special favorite is the l.e.wright company in pa. Thats like a miracle story. Add american brilliant cut history to your reading and a few pieces to your collection. Read about the victorian era. They had a dish for every piece of food. Then relax and set your table to how you feel that day. I've mixed manhattan ware  with wexford,federal, le wright, bauhaus and who knows what else . Put the color in with the napkins,cloth and mats. Vary your napkin rings. I have about ten different sets of napkin rings. Maybe about 5 different sets of glasses. The combinations are endless. I have set complete tables all with thrift store items etc. If any idiot were to say these don't match. Well just don't invite them again. (hasn't happened to me yet). The real lesson is they are apart of our history that will not happen again, it's basically all been shipped over seas. So, the mix and match is paying recognition to those that created something here that will never happen again. The usual reaction I get is wows. I break a lot of dining rules like table clothes because I love to see the oak wood. So, I have many sets of colored place mats. Maybe about four sets of flatware and some sterling and silver plate thrown in that i've collected.  Now your original question. Are you asking about irish waterford or waterford created by anchor hocking. Probably and wexford are pressed glass commonly abbreviated eapg-early american pressed glass. We also have a period of glass known as elegant glass that would include hazel atlas,heisey and many  others., you could have a new hobby facing you for the challenge. My last thought for you is once you get into collecting glass or pottery--if you've never seen it before and the price is right buy it. I have found some remarkable pieces that way,  along that way,i  have learned much about our history.i.e the memorial plate of ulysses grant president after andrew johnson. On the plate it said "let us have peace". I learned more about that period of history researching the plate than I ever did in school...have fun glass will suck you in because of the history. ----sheila
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Two different locations but both very good crystal. The Waterford factory has become famous around the world as it is visited by so many tourists from across the globe who come to Ireland. The clarity and cut of Crystal depends on the firing process, and the goal is a clear unpitted glass that gives off maximum light and captures a rainbow of light, and reflects it like a diamond.
Hand cut crystal is an art, and graces many fine tables around the world, including those of royalty.
There are those who will argue for both places, however it is the clarity and cut that determine value, and as they say, "you get what you pay for".
You should go to both sites on the web and check up on the history, for your own interest.
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The price
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It is interesting to find out the difference between Waterford and Wexford crystal, so thanks for enlightening me! I have recnetly become a fan of crystal glass, but in most cases I choose bohemia cut crystal https://aleks-crystal.com/en/ . Though this kind of crystal is much younger (I think so), it also looks gorgeous.

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