What Is The Difference Between The V Model And Waterfall Method?


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Both of these models are the software process models that are use d for the development of any software.The water fall model is a model in which you can't some back to the previous steps. Like the waterfall it only flows or work in one direction, there is not any possibility that you move to the previous step. So for that you have to complete your current step fully and don't leave any work in that step. Otherwise if you reach at the end of next step and you find that there was some missing in the previous step then you have to start from the scratch again. It is like one-way traffic in which you can't move backward.

While on the other hand all the steps of the V-model is almost same like the waterfall model, but the difference Is that, the waterfall model moving to the downward direction, it work in the form of V shape means at the and move upward. Until the coding step the model move towards downward but after the coding step it bent and move towards upward direction. The reason for this V shape is that the each and every step done at one side it will be tested on the other side, so at the end all steps will be verified and tested correctly.
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In waterfall model, it includes all phases of SDLC, but the
thing is once requirement is given it cannot be changed. In this model the help of
the tester may only takes once. Once the requirements are done you cannot
change them again in any phase. This model used to fix the requirements only.

In V-Model, each phase can be developed and tested simultaneously,
the tester role will be takes place in requirement phase. According to our
requirement, you can make the changes in the requirement phase. This
requirement change may not possible in water fall model.

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In V model we will have different phases of testing done and will make sure that the requirements asked by the customer are met appropriately. Testing like Unit testing, module  testing, integration testing, system testing and user acceptance testing is done. Remember Customer who gives us the requirements and the User are two different people. In Waterfall Model we only stick on to one rigid process of development and if the time period of the Project is more, and as in today's world the hardware technology is rapidly changing, the maintanance for that project will be difficult.
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Guys you are not hitting the bulls. Compare apple with apple first in telling the diff. Do you mean to say that in waterfall model, system testing and user acceptance testing is not done

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