What Is The Difference Between Method And Methodology?


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The words method and methodology are quite commonly confused with one another; however, these words are not interchangeable as they mean completely different things. A method is defined as the steps that you must go through it order to complete a task or job whereas methodology is the study of method. Methodology can also be defined as analyzing any rules, methods or steps that are used.
If you are writing a thesis or a research project of some kind then you should be including some kind of discussion about the methodology you used, however this should be different from the 'method' section of your project. The methodology section of your project or thesis should include a description of the methods you used, not how you carried them out. It should also explain to the reader how and why you decided to choose these particular methods to carry out your research.
Particularly if you are writing a project, it is very important that you understand the difference between method and methodology and do not get them confused. The best way to complete these two sections is to write them as you go along with your project.

As you decide what methods to use to start doing your research, note down any thoughts that you had when you decided to use that particular method. If you decide to use several different methods, then you should note down your reasons for choosing each one as well as how you decided to use this method. A description of these methods should also be included although this could be added later on.
The word methodology is so often confused with 'method' because it is commonly used to speak about the underlying set of beliefs or principles that caused you to use the particular set of methods that you did rather than another step or series of steps.
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Method is way to perform different tasks.
Methodology is the collection of methods that perform particular task.
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Method is the "practical" application of doing something.  In the Social Sciences to accumulate data, research might be conducted through interviews, surveys, or Focus Groups for example.     Methodology is the "theoretical" and "ideological"  application of these methods.  An interview for example is not a value free judgement, it is informed by the researcher's ideas (theory) and perspectives (ideology).  If you are a Marxist, you will begin your research from a different perspective and with different ideas than a Liberal or Conservative researcher; the "practical" application of the chosen method, will therefore also differ, as you will often be looking for different answers to the similar questions.  Methodology must come before method, i.e. You must have a theoretical and ideological approach before you can choose which method to employ in your research, this is Deductivism (putting your socks on before your shoes), if you do the opposite you are engaged in Inductivism (putting your socks on after your shoes)
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In my research dictionary methodology means science and method means tools. Method help to methodology for find a solution.
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Method is a number of steps you must go through in order to accomplish a task while methodology is the way you adopt to deliver a subject within the steps mentioned by a method.
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My dictionary defines a "methodology" as "a system of methods". A method is a process. Most of the usage of the term "methodology" that I have seen has been where "method" is applicable.

Most processes have more than one step, sometimes involving a number of separate procedures. A system of processes would be a process for this and a process for that and processes for other things entirely. Conceivably, research could involve a system of processes (methods) if its scope is wider than can be covered by one process.
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Method is the specific technique to do something where methodology is in more broader sense. Methodology refers to some set of techniques or methods. Methodology does not always mean any particular techniques in detail however it tells about the way of applying underlying techniques. Usually methodology is used in general sense where method is used in specific sense to mean some technique(s).
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They're still the same in terms of meaning. I think the only difference is the spelling and the use of the word. Others who love to use complex words use 'methodology' so as to confuse others.
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Method: Is the process followed in undertaking a task of which the intended output is achieved.
Method-logy which is a combination of method and logic, explains how various methods can be used to reach the an output but then questions the logic or rather the necessity of some of the steps.

Lugard Ogaro-University of Nairobi
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"They're still the same in terms of meaning." Utter nonsense! They are very different.
"Others who love to use complex words use 'methodology' so as to confuse others" - that can be said of people -- especially Business graduates -- who use "methodology" when they actually mean "method". Methodology does not refer to research or to the specific analysis techniques and refers to more than a simple set of methods. Instead, methodology is the analysis of the principles of methods.
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Method of performing a process is more related to the concept while methodology is focused upon the applications. Method decides the way to move ahead with streamlined process. Methodology can be further improved by incorporation of SIx SIgma and DFSS trainings benefits.

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