What Are The Main Roles Of The Kidney?


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Essentially, our kidneys are like a really smart waste-disposal system. They’re constantly filtering through the blood in our system and separating the useful stuff from the waste – even as you’re reading this!

So What Do The Kidneys Actually Do?
  • Purify your blood – each day, your kidneys filter around 200 litres of the stuff!
  • Remove waste from your blood and dispose of it as urine
  • Maintain a healthy balance of acids, minerals and salts in the body
  • Control blood pressure
  • Regulate the amount of water in the body - on average, we're made up of about 57% water, so this is a pretty important job!
  • Create red blood cells
The best way to help your kidneys do their job is to ensure that you’re drinking plenty of water. Shock, toxins, infections and poorly-managed diabetes can all do huge damage to your kidneys. You only get one set, though, so take care of them!
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1. Waste products
2. Excess water from the blood
3. The kidney also plays a major role in regulating levels of various minerals .

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