How Big Is Brunei?


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Brunei formally known as the State of Brunei basically is a country situated on the island of Borneo, based in Southeast Asia.

Brunei shares its borders with states of Sarawak, Sabah and East Malaysia. Brunei gained independence in the year 1984, from United Kingdom. The Sultanate of Brunei was extremely influential from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century. Its territory covered the entire island of Borneo as well as the south-western region of Philippines. The Bruneian Empire started to decline after it lost most of its land to White Rajahs of Sarawak.

According to the census conducted in the year 2001 the total population of country was estimated to be 332,844, having an average population density of 65 per square kilometre. The census report of 2001 also stated that the total area of this region was 5,765 square kilometres.

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