What Are Togo's Main Exports?


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Togo's export industry is mainly based on agricultural commodities; cash crops like cocoa, coffee and cotton form the main constituents of exports. Among industrial commodities phosphates are among the primary items of export and phosphate mining is extensively carried out in the country which has an estimated reserve of 60 million metric tons of the mineral.

Other items of export are textiles, limestone and marble; the country is also an important center for re-exporting activities with alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and perfumes being the major commodities.

Some of the export partners of Togo include neighboring countries like Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin and Mali as well as European countries like the Netherlands and France. The capital and port city of Lome situated on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea is the main trading center from which much of the export activities take place; the 'Grand Marche' of Lome is a well known trading spot where the specialties of the country are on display.
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Togo's export earnings in 2000 fell to nearly half their 1999 level due to sharp declines in coffee, cotton, and gold output. Togo's main export commodities are crude fertilizers (25%), cotton (22%), and cement (15%). Other exports include coffee (6%) and cocoa (4.9%).

In 2000 Togo's imports were distributed among the following categories:

Consumer goods 12.1%
Food 16.3%
Fuels 18.8%
Industrial supplies 34.9%
Machinery 8.6%
Transportation 9.2%
Other 0.7%

Principal trading partners in 2000 (in millions of US dollars) were as follows:

Ghana 32 8 24
Benin 19 2 17
India 9 5 4
France 9 76 -67
Nigeria 8 5 3
Netherlands 5 21 -16
Belgium 3 16 -13
Germany 2 14 -12
Côte d'Ivoire 1 38 -37
China (inc. Hong Kong) n.a. 15 n.a.

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