Whereabouts In The Body Is The Liver And What Does It Do?


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There is only one liver in the body and it is a large organ. It sits in the middle of the body below the lungs and above the stomach and intestines.

The liver does many different things but it has two main jobs. One is to make chemicals that the body needs such as hormones and other new proteins. Secondly it deals with poisons and wastes. It is the liver, for example, that breaks down medicines such as antibiotics and paracetamol. These are very useful, but if they were not broken down after a few hours, they would do more harm than good.

The liver also makes a thick green fluid called bile. This is stored in a small bag just under the liver called the gall bladder. Bile is very important for digestion because it breaks up the fats in our food, making it easier for them to be digested in the stomach and intestine.

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