What Are The Causes Of Soil Pollution?


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There are various causes of soil pollution including the leakage of gas, chemicals and petrol during the transportation of tanks carrying gas, chemicals and petrol. Indiscriminate use of irrigation can also increase soil pollution. Imbalance use of fertilizers and poor drainage cause salinity which also causes soil pollution. Use of chemicals like pesticides and insecticides also cause soil pollution. Moreover, land fills and hazardous waste can also cause soil pollution.

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There are a lot of different causes. Gas Stations with old leaking Gas Tanks, Chemical companies with spillage and leaking tanks, People dumping their old vehicle oil on the ground, Land fills will hazardous waste that was not properly sealed or dumped and then of course are the pesticides and weed control spays such as DHT that have been used in the past.
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I would consider the human race and its habits to be the main cause of the soil pollution

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