What Is Half Of 1 1/4 Cups?


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Half of 1 ΒΌ cups is 5/8 cups.

  • Converting from cups to other measurements
If you wanted to convert this amount in cups, you should use the following conversions;

1oz is equal to 0.12 cups.

1oz is equal to 28.3 grams.

This makes five eighths of a cup equal to approximately 6.5 oz. If you then wanted to convert to grams, you can change this using the calculation 1oz is equal to 28.3 grams. Converting cups into other measurements may make it easier when using scales to measure ingredients at home.

  • What cups are usually used for
Cups are used as a measurement for baking and cooking. It is deemed as a dated method of measuring and is not used as often in cookery books or recipes as it was in the past. Even though this is a dated method of measuring ingredients, many people will still use old and trusted recipes or recipes that have been passed on to them by older relatives.

If you do have a recipe book that does measure in cups, the things you are measuring will usually be flour, sugar, chopped vegetables, lentils and other things that can be measured by putting them in a cup.

  • How to measure in cups
You can still buy measures so that you can use recipes that use cups and their main measure. You will find these cups in cookery stores, kitchen utensil sections of homeware stores and in larger supermarkets in the cookery section.

These are usually sold in sets with different sizes of cups and measures. These will also come with methods of measuring teaspoons and tablespoons as these are similar measurements and will be used in your recipes that contain cups as a measurement.
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