What Is Australia's And The World's Worst Flood?


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The worst floods in the world involve the flooding in the Huang He River in China in 1931. In that year, floods in the Huang He River, also called the Yellow River, claimed a staggering 1 million to 3.7 million lives. A point to note is that of the five worst floods in the world ever, the Huang He river feature in four floods, and each time the death toll has been phenomenal, and abnormally high. The flooding of the Huang He river happens primarily because of the excessive amounts of silt in the river, the silt causes the river level to go above the level of the land, and then it just spills across, sweeping everything in its wake and leading to large-scale loss of life and property.

The worst flood in Australia in the 20th century was the one that hit Clermont in the year 1916. As a result of this flood, 61 people lost their lives, and also the communication lines in the city were knocked out, and there was large scale damage as well. In terms of the number of deaths, the worst floods ever to hit Australia were the floods that affected Gundagai in New South Wales in 1852. These floods led to the loss of 89 lives.

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