What Are Floods And What Is An Avalanche?


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A flood is a common natural disaster brought about by a combination of factors: physical, climatic, and man made.There are many kinds of floods some of them are explained below:

1 river floods: river floods occur when swollen rivers overflow there bank as in the Huang He in China this is often caused by heavy rain or melting snow upstream.
2 coastal floods: occur when storms, high tides, tsunamis or sea surges inundate coastal areas, as in the Bangladesh and the Philippines.

3 seasonal floods: seasonal floods occur when the streams overflow their bank during the wet season, as in the Nile floods in Egypt.
4 flash floods: flash floods that occur suddenly, due to sudden heavy downpour for several hours, or poor drainage systems. This has happened in the big cities like Brisbane, Paris, Kuala Lumpur and even Singapore.

An avalanche is a mass of snow, which slides down slope from high altitude, due to change in temperature or vibrations caused by earthquakes, gunshots or even the activities of skiers. As the avalanche moves downhill, it picks up speed and snow, sliding rapidly under its own momentum and the force of gravity. A large, well-developed avalanche may weigh as much as million tons!
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Flood is what happens when there is too much water, mainly from rain. and a drought is when it hasn't rained enough!!

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