How Many Miles Are There Around Pluto?


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The number of miles around Pluto is 4,400 miles. Pluto is on the whole a small planet, much smaller than our home planet Earth and it is even smaller than the moon. The planet Pluto has a single moon. It is called Charon and is quite large in comparison to Pluto.

The total surface area of Pluto is 1.795* ×107 km², while its volume is 7.15×109 km³. Pluto's average orbital speed is 4.666 km/s and its synodic period is around 366.73. 7.15×109 km³. Pluto is primarily composed of ice and rock and is very cold. Its temperature is around 390 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact it has often been asked why the Earth is so warm but Pluto so cold, the answer is obvious, Pluto is forty times further from the sun than Earth! It is also the second largest dwarf planet in the Solar System.

Interestingly the planet Pluto is so small that it is even smaller than seven of the natural satellites of the Solar System. It often comes closer to the sun than even the planet Neptune.

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