How Many Hurricanes Have Struck Florida?


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The state of Florida in the United States of America has had a history of hurricanes. At least ten hurricanes have struck Florida in the twentieth century. In the year 1906, the Florida Keys were hit by one of the worst-hit hurricanes in 170 years. It killed 1 hundred railroad employees in the Keys. The eye passed over the city of Miami in Florida.

The hurricanes that struck the state in the years 1909, 1910 and 1910 hit the Keys, devastated Key West and badly damaged the Seven Mile Bridge. Other hurricanes that hit Florida were the hurricanes that occurred in the years 1921, 1926, the Okeechobee Hurricane in the year 1928, the Florida Keys Labour Day Hurricane in the year 1935, Hurricane Donna in the year 1960 and Hurricane Andrew in the year 1992.
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Yea I think 100! Just kidding , 25
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Well, to be honest no one really knows. For starters you have to remember that people have only been recording hurricanes for the last 200 years or so, plus back in the days of prehistory Florida wasn't were it is now (thanks to plate tecontics).

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