Plants Release Carbon Dioxide During The Whole Night.. Then How It Is Possible That Morning Atmosphere Is Fresh And Rich With Oxygen?


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Plants release oxygen into the atmosphere after the process called photosynthesis. The suns ray's interact with the greenery to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.
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The Q was how and why early morning atmosphere is fresh despite the fact that CO2 is released during dark. It is difficult to think that sun-rays trigger photosynthesis and within a moment all CO2 are used up - it is difficult to accept. What is actually happening?
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CO2...itself tells that 2atoms/parts of Oxygen and 1 atom/part of carbon....this means they togetherly combine to form carbon dioxide....
During the day....the plant releases oxygen as a by product during the process of photosynthesis or preparation of food.....During balances by releasing taking up O2 for its overall digestion and other mechanisms like..removal of excess of intake(in the form of fruits) is known that in the nights plants are known to transport various materials to its counterparts...and since there is 2 parts of O2 in CO2....and a decomposition reaction is taken care of by the sun...which Decomposes CO2+other parts of air like NO2,H2------H20+CO+O2...

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