What Is The Symbol For Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide And Nitrogen?


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Oxygen = O2, Carbon Dioxide = CO2, and Nitrogen = N2.
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Oxygen is a chemical element and its symbol is 'O'. The atomic number of oxygen is 8. The atomic mass of oxygen is 16. It is a non-metal. The chemical formula for carbon dioxide gas is CO2. It is chemical compound and its normal phase is gas. A molecule of carbon dioxide is made up of three atoms including one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen. Nitrogen is also a chemical element. Its chemical symbol is 'N'. Its atomic number is 7 and its atomic mass is 14.
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The letter O stands for the symbol of oxygen. The letter N stands for the symbol of nitrogen. These are elements. Carbondioxide is not an element and cannot be represented by a symbol.As a compound It consists of he elements carbon and oxygen. C stands for the symbol of the element carbon.

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