What Are The Different Types Of Noise?


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In the communication process there are four different types of noise. Noise can be identified as anything in the process of communication that manages to interfere with the intended receiver getting and understanding the message properly.

Environmental/physical noise

This refers to anything external to the sender and receiver of a message that disrupts the sending and/or receiving of the message. Examples of this could be:

- a stereo playing loudly
- a phone ringing
- being seated a long way away from the speaker
- people chatting loudly around you
- cars driving or honking their horns

Physiological noise

This refers to a physical interference that can prevent a message getting through properly. This might include:

- hearing loss
- poor eyesight
- blindness
- memory loss

Psychological noise

This is a mental interference between sender and receiver. This might occur if feelings such as love, hatred or irritation distract one of the communicators, causing the message not to be conveyed or received accurately. There is psychological noise present if one of the communicators is daydreaming rather than paying proper attention. Emotional distress or relationship problems might affect someone and cause messages not to get through properly.

Semantic noise

This type of disruption in the communication process can happen when the sender and receiver have a different understanding of the same word or phrase, which causes them to apply meaning to words differently. This sort of semantic noise might occur if the sender and receiver speak or understand different dialects or languages. Alternatively, the communicator might be using specialized jargon or ambiguous words with several possible meanings.
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Noise has different types that play a big role in interfering or distracting the message that is intended to be conveyed and received in the communication. All in all, there are four types of noise namely

Physical noise
Psychological noise
Technical noise
Social noise

Physical noise refers to the interference caused by environmental factors such as ringing of a doorbell.

Technical noise involves the failure of the medium of communication like an unclear phone line or handwriting that is hard to decipher.

Social noise is a result of the social or cultural difference between the members involved in the communication process.

Psychological noise refers to psychological factors that become cause of distraction and interruption such as apprehension excessive emotion and prejudice. Also it depends upon the mood of the receiver at the time of receiving of the message. If the receiver is in a different mood, then he / she will interpret the message differently.
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Two main types
1.External noise
     atmosphere noise
     man made noise
2.Internal noise
      thermal noise
     short circuit
3.extra terrestrial noise
     solar noise
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Physical noise
Psychological noise
Technical noise
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Noise to me is simply divided into two categories. Good noises that I want to hear such as a Mozart tune or even Billy Joel. Bad noises are things I don't want to hear starting with the alarm clock throughout every bitching, horn honking day.
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I need to find a special kind of noise... With a guitar! And it has to burn somebody's ears.

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