Why Do Objects Fall In Downward Direction When Dropped?


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It is gravitational force that is responsible for the movement of an object in downward direction and the force is applied between any two objects. The reason behind their being attracted towards downward direction is that the earth has the major share of gravity on earth and which is why it attracts every thing towards itself. It is not only responsible for pulling things towards itself but also we are able to stand on the earth because of this very gravitational force.

You might have seen the researchers that are going into space and when they send their pictures to the earth we find that they are not able to stand at one place. The reason is that there is no gravitational force applicable in the space and it makes the astronomers float in the spacecraft.
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Einstein proved that there is no 'force' between objects, but rather that space is curved and not that that is what causes gravity, but that is gravity. Objects tend to move at constant speed in straight lines if not acted on by another force. Planets and satellites etc orbit the sun because they are ravelling along the straightest possible path in curved space.

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