Why Does Rain Drop But Snow Fall?


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Muhammad Nadeem answered
Both rain and snow are states of water. Rain is liquid and heavier, so, it drops while snow is solid and hence falls.
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Rain is an extrovert and likes to make a splash, while snow is introverted and does things in it's own time.
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No, rain doesn't drop, it falls, when you are talking about rain, you might say "I just felt a rain drop", then on the weather, when they are talking about it, you will hear them say, "the total rain fall for this month is..." So, they are both called fall, and individually they are drop, and flake, because the snowflake is flat. Hope this helps you out.
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No one probably reading this now, but consider the song "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head".  I too believe that is how it is, Tiggersmom.

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