How Many Moons Does Uranus Have?30? And What Are Thier Names


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Pluto has 3 moons Charon, Hydra, and Nix.
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Uranus has 27 moons in total, I have listed their names below:

1. Cordelia
2. Ophelia
3. Bianca
4. Cressida
5. Desdemona
6. Juliet
7. Portia
8. Rosalind
9. Mab
10. Belinda
11. Perdita
12. Puck
13. Cupid
14. Miranda
15. Francisco
16. Ariel
17. Umbriel
18. Titania
19. Oberon
20. Caliban
21. Stephano
22. Trinculo
23. Sycorax
24. Margaret
25. Prospero
26. Setebos
27. Ferdinand
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It has three moons Charon, Nix and Hydra. Charon is the largest moon of pluto and maybe even in the whole SOLAR SYSTEM. It was discovered in 1978 by Christy James. The other moons was discovered in 2005. The reason why Charon was discovered so early was because it is so big.  And the reason why the other planets are discovered so late is because they are so small. Thank you for reading and for using blurtit. :)
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Uranus has 27 known moons. The planet Uranus has a ring system as well similar to other Jovian planets. It has a unique and least massive satellite system in our solar system. The combined mass of five of Uranus's satellites is less than Triton alone. The names of Uranus's moon are inspired by fictional sprites and fairies from Alexander Pope and Shakespeare's works.
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Pluto has three moons Charon, Hydra,and Nix
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Currently, there are 27 moons known to orbit Uranus, all of them named after characters from Shakespeare or Alexander Pope
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Uranus has 27 known moons.  I don't know how many known and unknown together though.
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There is also Charon.  Although, I suppose that it could be said that Pluto and Charon rotate about a common center of mass and so form a double planet and that technically neither is the "moon" of the other. But no matter whether these four bodies are called planets or moons; Pluto,Charon, Nix and Hydra all orbit the Sun together.  They are all Kuiper Belt Objects.
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Uranus has 27 natural satellites. Of these 27, the five main moons are Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon. All the satellites of Uranus have been named after the characters in the works of William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope. Miranda has a diameter of 470 kilometres, a mass of 7 x 10 raised to the power of 19 kilograms, an orbital period of 129, 000 kilometres and an orbital period of 1.4d. Ariel has a diameter of 1, 160 kilometres, a mass of 14 x 10 raised to the power of 20 kilograms, an orbital period of 191, 000 kilometres and an orbital period of 2.5d. Umbriel has a diameter of 1, 170 kilometres, a mass of 12 x 10 raised to the power of 20 kilograms, an orbital period of 266, 000 kilometres and an orbital period of 4.1d. Titania has a diameter of 1, 580 kilometres, a mass of 35 x 10 raised to the power of 20 kilograms, an orbital period of 436, 000 kilometres and an orbital period of 8.7d. Oberon has a diameter of 1, 520 kilometres, a mass of 30 x 10 raised to the power of 20 kilograms, an orbital period of 584, 000 kilometres and an orbital period of 13.5d.
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There are three known moons that belong to the planet Pluto and you can name them as Charon, Nix and Hydra. Out of all the three moons that can be considered as the satellites of Pluto, Charon is the largest one and was first cited by James Christy in the year 1978. The planet is also considered as the dwarf planet because it is of very large size in relation with Pluto as its main planet. Some people also call it the double planet along with the main planet Pluto. They are also unique because they are tidally locked to one another; they both show the same face to each other when they meet.

The other two moons are considered as very recent discoveries and both of them were discovered only in the year 2005.
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Currently Pluto is known to have three moons. The largest and innermost moon is known is Charon while the other two have been named as Nix and Hydra. Charon was discovered in 1978 by James Christy while the other two moons have been discovered using the Hubble telescope. Pluto and its moon Charon have been known as double planet because Charon is actually quite large. They are so tightly locked together in gravitation that they the same face is always present towards each other. It is also expected that if another moon is discovered it will not be larger than the current ones.

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