What Is A Natural Disaster?


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A natural disaster is an event of nature that takes human lives on a large scale or destroys property. A natural disaster can be in the form of an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a hurricane or a tornado. Natural disasters cannot be averted but if proper safety and rescue measures are adopted, loss of lives or property can be reduced to a minimum. Hundreds of thousands of people died and millions were left homeless in South East Asia as a result of a tsunami caused by an undersea earthquake in the Indian Ocean in December 2004. The disaster led to a massive rescue and relief operation in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other countries.

The most recent example of a natural disaster is the October 2005 earthquake in northern parts of Pakistan and India. The quake caused massive destruction in Kashmir and Pakistan's northern areas, leveling thousands of man-built structures and killing more than 70,000 people. Earthquakes are common in Iran, Turkey and Japan. Some parts of the United States also lie in the seismic zone. Hurricane and tornadoes occur regularly along the coast of the United States. Volcanic eruptions in populated regions can claim thousands of lives and damage crops and property over a large area.
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A natural disaster occurs when forces of nature damage the environment and man made structures
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A natural disaster is something that causes the destruction.

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