No One Can Predict A Natural Disaster Or World Crisis. When A Hurricane Or Flood Or A Pandemic Strikes A Country, Who Is Most Likely To Respond First? Which Economic System Is The Best Solution To Handling A Crisis Of Epic Proportion?


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Usually, when a natural disaster strikes, then the first to respond is the emergency services who will be allocated the areas most in need, and then to those areas that are higher priority. This usually involves bringing in emergency services from other towns and areas, even from other countries when the disaster is of a larger scale.

At this point, charities also get involved and have volunteers flying in from all over the world either to help with the rescue efforts, bring aid and supplies to those who are involved in the disaster or simply to help offer support to those affected. 

The emergency services will be at the scene until they have rescued all the survivors or simply for as long as they are needed.

Natural disasters are events that bring some of the wealthier countries together in order to help the country or countries in need. In the last Japanese earthquake and tsunami many different countries from all over the world contributed to helping the victims of the disaster such as the US, UK, China, France, Germany, Sri Lanka and many more countries. This shows the effect that a natural disaster has not only to the country directly affected but the whole world and the reaction to these disasters.
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Well when no one in the school can find the answer in our text book, this is what we have to do, it is called research, not cheating. I believe it is FEMA, I am still researching however and hope that this helps someone else. Good luck~!
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The local government is most likely to respond first. I think the distribution type economic system might be a better solution.
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Seriously whoever put this question up that is cheating if you want to pass the class you need to do the research yourself and not expect someone else to answer it for you.
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It is not cheating. All someone is doing is asking for another person's opinion and then based on what is said, they will form a correct response and put it down in their own words. Sometimes we just need help. After all, that is what the internet is for these days.

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