What is the pH value of water?


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The answer to your question, "What is the ph value of water?" is 7.
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The pH value of water is 7. Water is neutral substance, meaning the H(+) ion concentration is equal to the OH(-) ion concentration. There is an equal amount of hydrogen. Since 7 is the middle of the scale, the smaller the numbers become (...5,4,3...) the more acidic the substance is. This is because the hydrogen ion concentration becomes greater as the scale decreases. The higher the pH number is (...8,9,10...) the less hydrogen ion concentration is in the substance. This makes the substance more basic. For example: Lemon Juice is about a 2 in the pH scale, meaning it is more acidic(has more H(+) concentration) while Milk of Magnesia is about a 10 on the pH scale, meaning it is more basic(has less H(+) concentration). Hope this helps!
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Its ph is7. The chemicals shouldn't affect the ph much anyway.
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I guess it's around 7 more or less, keeping in mind all those chemicals that go in during treatment.

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