What Is The Difference Between Oxygenated And De-oxygenated Blood?


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Oxygenated blood has a high concentration of oxygen.  It is pumped from the heart to the rest of the body where the oxygen is given up to the cells of the body and carbon dioxide, a waste gas, is picked up.  At this point, it becomes de-oxygenated blood and returns to the heart to be pumped to the lungs where it will pick up oxygen and again become oxygenated blood.
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As the two terms suggest, the oxygenated blood is the one carrying
oxygen while the deoxygenated one does not contain oxygen. When the heart pumps
blood, it goes to the lungs and gets oxygenated as oxygen becomes a part of the
blood. From there the blood returns to the heart and is pumped to all parts of the
body where the oxygen is taken from the blood to be used up. When the oxygen is
taken from the blood it becomes deoxygenated and is sent back to the heart
which again sends it to the lungs and the cycle continues. 

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