How Is The Heart Supplied With Oxygenated Blood?


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The heart has its own blood vessels, that surround it and carry oxygenated blood to it.  These form a mostly closed loop, from the lungs to the heart and back again.

Nice diagram here.

The vessels supplying the heart come straight from the lungs because the heart is arguably the most essential bodily organ.

One aspect of this is that the exact layout of blood vessels to the heart is not consistent from one person to another. Almost everybody has two primary arteries, the "right" and "left" epicardial coronary arteries (bringing oxygen to the right and left sides of the heart, respectively). But beyond this basic structure, coronary arteries can vary a lot from one person to another.

It doesn't matter that the blood vessel layout varies, as long as each heart gets the oxygen it needs.  Some hearts truly don't have enough blood supply, requiring surgery and treatment for the individual affected.  The much bigger risk to most people as they get older is that the arteries supplying their heart with oxygen will get clogged by fatty deposits -- leading to death of some of the heart muscle tissue, angina or cardiac arrest.
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  In the human body the heart is the main part of the body. The heart is the pumping machine of the body which pumps the blood to all parts of the body. And according to scientists a human heart can pump the blood 30 feet high.    Without oxygen on earth the existence of life is impossible. Also human body and blood requires oxygenated blood so here the question arises from where the heart gets the oxygenated blood? To understand that phenomenon we have to understand the circulation system of blood.    Liver is regarded as the purifier or filter in the human body. As the deoxygenated blood from all parts of the body enters to the liver, herethe  liver purifies the blood i.e. Makes it oxygenated blood from deoxygenated blood. The oxygen we inhale from the external environment that oxygen is mixed with blood during the process of purification. From liver the purified blood is passed to the heart where it enters through the right auricle and makes its way to other body parts like brain, mouth, hands etc.
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Your knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is lacking. The liver plays no part in oxygenating blood. You have your cranium where your anal sphincters should be. The heart is supplied with oxygenated blood by coronary arteries which exit the aorta immediately after it leaves the heart carrying freshly-oxygenated blood.
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You 2 are idiots.
Get a real education or open a textbook
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Arteries that branch directly from the aorta

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