What Is The Climate Of Equatorial Region?


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The equatorial climate can be found 5 degrees either side of the equator, however it is by no means continuous- for example it is broken by the andes in south america.

Within this region the climate is hot and humid, there are no seasons and the daily weather patterns is pretty much repeated everyday.

The temperature is high, with little annual range. This is due to the sun, which is either directly above the area, or at a very high angle because of this the temperature rarely falls below 22 degrees. Due to afternoon clouds, the temperature also rarely rises above 32 degrees. The climate involves 12 hours of light, and 12 hours of darkness.

The high morning temperature often evaporates the water in the swamps, lakes and vegetation, which results in afternoon convectional rain. Heavy dew is common in most evenings.

Although there is strong vertical movement, the surface wind are light and variable. Examples of places which experience the equatorial climate are: The congo basin, manaus (south america), malaysia ect.

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