What Do Cucumber Plants Look Like In The Early Stages?


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In the beginning, cucumber plants start out as vines that creep along the ground. They can also grow up a trellis and many people prefer to plant their cucumbers in this manner because it can often save them valuable ground space. At first, the stems are light colored and almost transparent in nature and the leaves are small. As they continue to grow, the plants have large leaves that are flat looking and will eventually sprout yellow blooms.
The leaves, when they eventually get large and flat, are also shaped like triangles or hearts and have lobes that are pointed. They tend to be dark green in color and to the touch feel a little bit rough. As the plant grows, the leaves will grow as well and provide a kind of shade to the budding fruits.
The blooms will start out small and then will turn into greenish looking plants that will grow into the cucumber shapes that you are probably familiar with. As they get larger, this is generally when people like to run the vines up the trellises that they use although leaving the vines on the ground is okay as well.
Cucumber roots start out as shallow and need quite a bit of soil in order to take root. They are also partial to a number of diseases and insects and many people report problems in being able to grow cucumbers to full adulthood. For that reason, it’s often considered better to pick them earlier as opposed to later to ensure that you get the best possible crop.
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Your best bet is to go to a gardening site on line - use your search and type in cucumber plants and you will see various pictures at different stages of growth

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