What Does A Mountain Look Like?


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Mountains are raised earth, higher and more jagged than hills. Some are so tall there is snow at the top.
The tallest mountain in the world is Mount. Everest, where you have to wear a gas mask at the top because the air is so thin.
Mountains are formed from pressure of the plates in the earth, when the two plates are pushing against each other so hard that the ground above them begins to rise.
Of course, this would take tons of time, years and years. You couldn't just sit down and watch a mountain grow, although that would be really cool!
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Mountain is a type of landform. It refers to a landmass with an elevation which is caused naturally. Thus a mountain can be defined as a landform which stands or rises above its surrounding planetary surface. It generally has a pointed or rugged top and is bigger than a hill. Still the words hill and mountains are often used interchangeably. Mountains comprise 24% of earth's entire landmass. Most of the major rivers in the world have their origins in the mountains.

These landforms are way above the sea level and are formed due to various movements on the earth's surface. A mountain is formed over several years and this period of its formation is termed as orogeny. The temperature is quite low in the mountains and therefore has very cold atmospheres. Skiing, mountaineering, tourism etc are found on mountains. It also has several biological and geological functions as well.
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The word mountain is defined as a land mass that projects well above its surrounds. It stands at a higher altitude than that of a hill. The word mountain is also used colloquially to describe tons, which, in other words, means a large number or amount.

The word mountain is defined as landform which extends above the surrounding terrain in a limited area. The highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest. It is located in Nepal in the continent of Asia, which is the largest of the seven continents of the world.

It stands at an altitude of about 8, 848 metres or about 29, 028 feet. A mountain is not only higher, but it is also steeper than a hill. There is, however, a great deal of overlap between the two terms, namely the word hill and the word mountain. The usage of the word depends on the local custom in each country.
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They are huge some are about 5000 feet tall and higher they are like triangular rocks and sometimes some are so tall theres snow on the top if you want to see what they look like go onto the google website and click on images then type in mount everest and you will get loads of images of them. Hope this helped.
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Moutains are as large as half a killer whale. Sometimes there are snow at t
he top of the mountains. When they are small they are called hills as well!            Do you know hares live on mountains too?
Mountains are anonymous!
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For one thing their very tall. Normally pointy at the top. They are large landforms what are bigger and stepper than a hill. A mountain is much look likes a peak and start rising well above the ground from to plates hitting each other what makes it grow up and up.
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A very enormous huge pile of rock, sand, and trees

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