What Are The Names Of Trade Unions In Jamaica?


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Just a few trade unions found in Jamaica include the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, the Jamaica Airline Pilots Association, the Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers, the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, the Jamaica Civil Service Association, the National Workers Union, the Jamaican Teachers Association and the Jamaican Union of Public Officers and Public.

'Trade Union' is a British English phrase, and in the Untied States they are known as a 'labour union'. Either way, they are organizations that have grouped together in order to achieve a common goal. These goals generally include better working conditions, better corporate responsibility and better pay. The trade union, through leadership, is there to bargain with employers on behalf of union members. They are also there to negotiate labor contracts, rules that govern hiring, complaint procedures, the firing of workers, benefits, and workplace safety policies.

The agreements that are negotiated by these union leaders are binding. They are in particular binding on the rank and file members as well as the employer, and in some cases can be binding on other non-member workers, too.
The trade union originated in Europe and quickly became popular in many European countries during the Industrial Revolution. This was during a time where there was a lack of necessary skills to perform most of the jobs out there, which meant that workers were often mistreated and underpaid. Trade union organizations were created to stop this from happening and to ensure that all workers go treated properly and access to appropriate pay slips. These organizations have spread across the world and now operate in many of the smaller countries, obviously including Jamaica. They are generally necessary in modern day and are a fantastic way of ensuring that everybody is treated properly in their place of work.
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• Bustamante Industrial Trade Union
• Jamaica Airline Pilots Association
• Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers
• Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions
• Jamaica Civil Service Association
• National Workers Union
• Jamaican Teachers Association
• Jamaican Union of Public Officers and Public Employers
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