What Is The Average Climate In Jamaica?


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Jamaica enjoys a tropical climate and warm weather almost throughout the year. The average temperatures in Jamaica usually are in the range of between 27 and 32 degrees Centigrade. July and August are the hottest months of the year. There is only a marginal difference of about ten degrees Centigrade between the average temperature of Jamaica in the summer and that of the Caribbean island in the winter. Temperatures in the mountains could drop to a minimum of as low as four degrees Celsius.

The average annual rainfall received by Jamaica is about 50.7 inches. The country receives rainfall in the months of May and June and then again in the months of October and November. The eastern coast of Jamaica is the wettest part of the country as it lies on the windward side. In contrast, the southwestern coast of the country is semi-barren and receives very little rain. Jamaica lies in the hurricane belt, and the peak months for hurricanes to occur in that part of the world are the months of August and September.
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Jamaica's average climate though tropical is strongly influenced by the Caribbean sea, thus making it a Tropical Marine climate. Temperatures range from 27 to 32 degrees Celsius and might have been more extreme had it not been for the moderating influence of the sea. Therefore, the sea keeps the summer temperatures from rising too high and prevents the winter temperatures from falling too low. Hence, its moderating influence. However, Jamaica's varied topography (shape of the land) of high mountains and deep valleys and low lying coastal plains also have an influence (though more localised) on the country's climate in that temperatures may fall to as low as 5 degrees Celsius in high mountain areas and rise to above 32 degrees Celsius in flat low lying areas along the country's south coast (the rain shadow of the island's mountainous interior).

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