Why We Need To Study Science And Technology?


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Increasing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere, global warming, the oil crisis and so many other issues that we are facing today are all great reasons why people need to study science and technology. The modern world has so many problems to deal with and without people who study these things there will be nobody available to come up with the solutions and fix these problems in the future.

  • Chemistry
Chemistry is incredibly important today. Chemistry looks at materials, substances, atoms, particles - whatever surrounds us that is tangible. Without Chemistry industry experts would have no substances or materials to use when they are coming up with new products. Furthermore, Chemistry is incredibly important in the field of the oil industry and the manufacturing industry. Petroleum engineering is commonly studied as the world faces an oil crisis and we need to start looking at alternatives.

  • Biology
Biology is incredibly important to society, too. Without Biologists then there would be an absolute healthcare crisis, where people would be without the drugs they need and not getting the treatment that they need. Biology looks at how life works. It looks at animals, humans, plants and all other life forms on the earth. It also looks at how the human body works, in particular. Without this study nobody would really understand how the human body works, and hospitals would be literally useless.

With diseases like cancer causing so many issues these days, it's important that we have good teams of biologists and chemists who can work together to look for cures. People need to be working on creating drugs and treatment and others need to be working in medical care, performing operations and looking after patients.
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