What Are The Vital Factors Of Effective Speaking?


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The ability to speak well is closely related to good leadership as well as good membership. Public speaking forms an important aspect of our personality.
There are five vital factors of effective speaking:

1. Knowing the audience: The speaker must have the basic knowledge about the audience, their level of intelligence, their level of understanding of the subject, what terminology they will understand, the degree of interest they will show. The speaker should have a meeting with them if possible. They will help him a lot in the preparation of his speech.

2. Knowing the situation: The speaker should have some knowledge of the situation and the environment in which he has to speak. A very effective speech in one situation can be of no significance in another.

3. Art of using language: The speaker should know the art of using language. The basic steps in this regard are: collecting the material, arranging it in order, putting it in appropriate words, memorizing it, and delivering the finished speech.

4. Art of speech preparation: The important points in speech preparation include: identifying the main objectives of communication, planning the method of instructions to be employed, setting right environment, ensuring time is convenient.

5. Art of delivering the speech: The speaker should know to deliver a good speech. Some important points in this regard are:

a. Making a deliberate slow entrance.
b. Beginning when you are ready.
c. Giving a statement of the subject to be discussed.
d. Try to be natural.
e. Be objective while stating facts.
f. Give concluding remarks in a convincing manner.

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