Can Anyone Explain The Factors That Affect Human Personality?


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There are some factors that affecting human personality, which form or make human personality. Or we can say that personality is the outcome of results of these factors.

1: Physical Environment:

Physical environment affect human personality, consists of land, fertility of land, forests, hills etc. for example, a person of hilly areas has different physique and outlook as compared to person of urban area.

2: Social Environment:

Social environment also change and affect the human personality. In a society people learn from his parents, his family members, friends etc. He accepts all the attributes and qualities which are inculcated to him.

3: Cultural Environment:

Culture is submission of tangible and intangible attributes of a society or of a nation. The tangible things are clothes, buildings etc. and intangible things include wedding ceremonies, hospitality, norms, values, folk-ways, etc. change and affect the human personality because what is in his culture he will accept that thing.

4: Biological Environment:

Biological structure or environment of human include glands, nervous system, respiratory system etc. all these things affect ones personality. For example, if pituitary glands don't work in normal way then the human growth will be affected and this will change his personality.

5: Role Playing:

Each and every individual act and react according to his due role and status assigned to him, which affect his personality.
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Your birthplace, your heritage, your upbringing, your appearance but most importantly your belief system, lack thereof or open mindedness. If we cast aside our prejudice we can change who we are and we can also learn to project ourselves and appear to have a different or more outgoing personality. Confidence is also another factor. Are we confident to show who we are? You can change your personality with time but you will always have your memories to deep down set who you are.
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If I'm not wrong in my opinion then there are some basic factors which always have an impact on someone's personality. Those factors are from religious and cultural aspects. They also come from the family life. And a man takes many things from the atmosphere he is living in. So there are lot of factors involved which have an effect on human personality.
But according to me the greatest of them all is the characteristics of someone. If a person has got a strong character then in this case, he would affect the people around him. I'm very much sure about it. Historical incidents tell us this thing in a very comprehensive way. For instance, all the world's greatest leaders in history have got the strongest character in them. Even though they were against there culture or religious believes.
You can consider the examples of Muhammad (peace be upon him), Jesus (peace be upon him), Buddha and many other great leaders. Their characters affect their fellow beings and the people of their culture. So it is clear from this example that the greatest effect on a human personality is with the character of some other human beings.
Even in recent days we see many examples like that, people like to follow their favourite celebrity, their favourite sportsman, their favourite hero. Because they think that he/she has the character like they are watching.
I think it is very clear from this aspect. But there are some other factors as well, which affect human personality. For example, the culture in which a person lives, his friends, his family relationships, his relationship with parents. His teachers also play a major role. I think it is enough.
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I'm too searching for it if you come to know tell me also
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Personality factors are affected by one's genetic factors, environmental factors, innate resiliency, and social factors.
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Factors that affects the person's outlook
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Yes, I think its true. Because I experienced it.I dreamed orf someone and told her later about it.she replied by stating that she had experienced the same way too.

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