Can You Describe The Life Cycle Of Bryophytes?


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Gametophytes:  They have dominant independent free gametophytes. This may be thalloid as in many liverworts or is differentiated into structures resembling to stem, leaves and absorbing and anchoring organs, called rhizoids as in mosses and some liverworts.    Sex Organ:  Multicellular male and female sex organ i.e. Antheridia and archegonia are born on gametophytes either on same or different plant.    Gametes:  Gametes are produced by mitosis. Male gametes produced by antheridia and female gametes are produced by archegonia known as eggs.    Fertilization:  Fertilization takes place in water.    Zygote and embryo:  The zygote is retained with in the female sex organ for some time. After a resting period the zygote changes into an embryo.    Development of Soprophytes:  The sporophyte is a les conspicuous generation, partially or totally dependent upon the gametophytes for it nutrition.    Spores:  The sporophyte is diploid which produces in sporangia one kind of haploid spores by    meiosis.  Alternation of generation:  Haploid gametophytic generation alternates with the diploid gametes generation alternates with diploid sporophytic generation.

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