What Is The Importance Of Afforestation In Nigeria?


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Afforestation has got most important issue because  deforestation  has suffered people a lot but no alternative is there to support afforestation.

  • lack of effective alternative
    energy options,
  •  high profit margins in the fuel wood economy
are the two factors that make people inclined to cut more and more trees.So there is a lot of environmental pollution with decreasing winter season.
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The term afforestation is the act or process of establishing a forest especially on lands not previously forested, the northern part of Nigeria falls within the sudan sehelian belt and vegetation is lacking and desert is accelerating at the rate of 0.6km a year(Medugu et al., 2009). The importance of afforestation is to stabilize the soil conditions in threatened areas so as to increase their crop yield and improve the supply of fuel wood, poles and fodder, and to increase the supply of industrial wood by improving the management of existing high priority plantations and by establishing new plantations (Source: Nasiru Medugu, 2009).

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