What Are The Links Between Media And Crime? Is The Role Of Media Positive Or Negative In Relation To Crime?


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You've asked a question about the role of media in relation to the crimes. You also want to know that either the role of media is positive or negative in respect of crimes. Truthfully, media plays a very important role in order of crimes. It can increase the ratio of crimes in particular area. And it can decrease the ratio of crimes in an area. It is important to know that how media picture crimes. If media is representing crimes as a bad act then in this case, the media is playing a positive role. But if it is picturing crime as the act of bravery then in this case media is certainly playing a very negative role. Another important thing to be mentioned here is the role of present media about crimes.

Usually media show the criminal act and report them in a negative way. It is just for the personal interests of media personnel. And that is the worst thing which is related to media. There is another important thing. That if media is giving some news related to crime with fascination, and then in this case the crime ratio of that specific crime will increase. For example, if in movies or in newspapers the news about suicide is reported so frequently then in this case the ratio of suicide will increase. That's why, media plays a very important role in relation to the crimes.

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