How Many Types Of Forests Are There In Pakistan?


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Forests form a major part of the geography of land surfaces. From the conventional standpoint, the desired percentage of forest land for a country is in between the range of 20 to 30 percent. However Pakistan is nowhere near that range and the percentage of forests in the land surface of Pakistan estimates to about a measly 4.8 percent, which is very low and unsatisfactory for a country. There are two types that characterize the forests in Pakistan namely Productive Forests and Protective Forests. Productive forests are of great commercial value and natural resources like timber and other products could be extracted from such types of forests. The trees found in Productive forests usually have a very high density and the canopy of these forests rarely has an open end. As for Protective forests, these forests are marked by planting along roads or in parks and even along railway lines. In contrast to the Productive forests, Protection forests have little commercial value as their supply of valuable species of wood is not very adequate.
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The following types of forest are found in pakistan
1- Alpine forests
2-Coniferous forests
3-Sub-tropical dry forests
4-tropical thorn forests
5-The riverain or bela forests
6-Mangrove forests
7-Irrigated forests
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My friend mehreen83 in her comment inform u about the kinds of forests, not the types of forests
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