Where Could Coniferous Forests Be Found In Pakistan?


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Coniferous forests, which are also referred to as Evergreen forests are usually grown in the Northern areas of Pakistan that are inclusive of the Northwest Frontier Province (N.W.F.P), Rawalpindi and Islamabad (which are located in Punjab), Murree and the Baluchistan hills. In the literal sense of the word, coniferous refers to the shape of a cone and trees such as fir tress and spruce trees characterize this very shape and ergo constitute the structure of coniferous forests. Usually coniferous trees are found in areas with a very high altitude and have a great tendency of adaptation to factors like the prospect of severe climatic conditions (for which the northern areas are notorious) as well as poor quality of soil. As for the uses of coniferous trees, they could be of great use in the making of paper. They produce the pulp, which is the basic raw material in the manufacture of paper.

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