Why Are Forests Being Depleted?


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People began to clear forests more than 10000 years ago, when they started settling down to a more secure life based on farming and the domestication of animals. The rapid growth of world's population, doubling in 50 years since 1945, has increased the pressure to remove both temperate and tropical forests through the following activities.

1 farming: forests are cleared to make way for farms to raise crops to feed people all over the world.
2 lumbering: commercial lumbering removes large tracks of forests to extract timber for local construction needs or for export to earn foreign exchange.
3 mining: many useful minerals like coal, iron, oil, copper, and tin lie beneath forested ground. To extract these minerals, forests have to be first removed before mining operations can begin.

4-road construction: roads, railways, bridges and canals have to be constructed to enable people and goods to be transported from one part of the country to another. Rests have been cleared to make ways for highways, railway, tracks and even ports and airports.
5 urban development: as population increases and villages grow into towns and cities forest are cleared to provide space. Almost all our greatest metropolises like London, New York and Tokyo were at one time forested lands!
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The major reason is to build houses and other accomodation for the humans.
To develop roads etc.
To cultivate crops.
To obtain woods from trees etc.

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