How Many Types Of Natural Resources Are There In Pakistan?


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Coal is the biggest natural resource of Pakistan and after that comes Natural Gas, Salt and Oil respectively. Pakistan is in fact enriched with all the natural resources but unfortunately those are not being utilized for the prosperity of the country.
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Natural resources, which form a major part of any country's economy, is divided into many types in Pakistan. The first category of natural resources is power resources, which are ready for consumption only after they have gone through the processing stage. Such processes are inclusive of procedures like refining, sterilization and even distillation. Another category of natural resources are sustainable natural resources, which consist mostly of raw materials that are used in the primary stages of the production process. Materials (natural resources) such as timber or raw materials that are used in the manufacture of paper, varnishes industries etc could be categorized in the realm of sustainable resources. Last but not the least, the third category of natural resources constitutes the metallic minerals and the non-metallic minerals. The metallic minerals are inclusive of metals like gold, silver, iron and copper. As far the non-metallic minerals, these include gypsum, limestone, marble china clay, sulphur and soapstone.
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I wish and pray to Allah ! That All those resources may remain hidden unless we get rid of dacoits ,till a revolutionary ,charismatic leader come to scene. If someday has seen the movie Magna's Gold:i personally believe their is also our National Treasure which is hidden somewhere in north .
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Thar coal reserves have 175 billion tonnes of coal, which is equivalent to 618 billion barrels of crude oil recently informed by VC of The university of the Punjab. Following is the list of top 5 oil reserve countries of the world:
Country            Reserves (bbl)        Production/day (mbl)      Reserve life (yr)
Saudi Arabia          260                            8.8                                81
Canada                  179                            2.7                              182
Iran                      136                            3.9                                96
Iraq                      115                            3.7                                85
Kuwait                  99                                2.5                              108
175 billion tons of Thar according to Professor Dr Mujahid Kamran equal 618 billion barrels of crude oil.
This is more than twice if we compare it with oil reserves of KSA and equal to total oil reseves of top 4 countries.
If like KSA, we utilize about 10 million of it per day, it would suffice for more than 200 years. Not to forget other resources that Pakistan have when compared with KSA. For example, we have largest gold/copper ore deposits at Saindak (Baluchistan) dying to be expoited.
Under the barren mountains of Balochistan and hot sands of Sindh, there is unlimited amount of oil and gas reserves not touched yet. And still further, we have furtile lands of Punjab, ready to feed a population twice as big as we are now, the best irrigation system (waiting for more water reservoirs to enrich it), and the best qulaity cotton and rice. Last but not the least, we have brave Pushtoons, the vigor of courage that is essential for a nation. We have population, young brains and exploding urban middle class to enrich the intellectual and culture needs of the nation.
What else we want? It is pedalogical to know that Saudi Arabia only sells about 9 million Barrels of Oil per day. It has the best infrastructure in the world, with a cradle to grave welfare system for its citizens, superb freeways, fantastic hospitals and an infrastructure that is the envy of the world. Pakistan’s credit crunch in temporary. Once the country gets over the hump in the next few years, it can begin improving its infrastructure which is the best in South Asia even now. We hope it to be true soon.
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There are a lot of natural resources in Pakistan. God gave oil,petrol, Natural Gas & coal.
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There are many resources in balochistan state natural gas,gold,silver,copper,coil and many more resources like petrolium and titanium which r not dug out due to the tension on balochistan resources share.   Salman baloch
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Mica in Pakistan
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Unlimited resources we can nt imagine it thats the reason the enemies are trying to make destability in our country. We have to become strong and utilize our resources to make our country stronger. For this we have to be honest with ourself and honest wd our country.  
I wish one day we'll achieve this goal...
From trul lover of PAKISTAN.

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