How Science And Technology Affects Our Daily Life?


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Science and technology affect our daily lives in a massive way. Developments in technology have changed the way we live our lives and it is extremely unlikely that we will ever revert back to the simplistic way of lives that people experienced 100 years ago.

  •   Electricity
Electricity is probably the biggest development in technology that affects our lives. Everyone has experienced the strange sensation during a power cut that makes us realize how much we have come to depend on electricity. Everything from lighting and heating our homes, to keeping our food cold and fresh depends upon electricity. The majority of our entertainment options these days are also reliant on electricity such as computers and TVs.

  •   Travel
Developments in travel mean it is much easier for us to get about. Planes are now affordable for the majority of the western world; so taking vacations and learning all about different cultures affects our lives enormously. As travel is so much easier with almost everyone owning a car, it is also much easier to change location and not only move to a different state but also move to the other side of the world. 100 years ago this was unthinkable and most people spend their lives in the same town they were born in.

  •   Mobile phones
Recent technology has changed the way we communicate. With mobile phones we need never be out of touch with anyone and we can communicate with people on the other side of the world. Text messages, instant messages and social media also means that we communicate more frequently and often in the written and informal form.

  •   Healthcare
Scientific developments means that our healthcare is far superior and many people are living much longer. We now have greater knowledge regarding what constitutes a fit and healthy lifestyle and what can help us live longer and healthier lives. People living longer makes a massive difference to the whole world as we have more time to fulfill our dreams and life is about so much more than procreating.
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Technology has made all the difference in our lives. Breakthrough medicines and antibiotics have enabled our life-spans to be increased to nearly 100 yrs of age and older. Years and years ago people was lucky to get to the age of 25 and 30 because we had no cure for things such as chickenpox or the common cold. Technology also brought us out of the "hunt for food to survive" era; now all we do is go to our grocery store and pick up the meats and other foods we want other than having to make our own weapons and becoming skilled hunters to supply our family with something to eat. And without technology we wouldn't have our t.v.'s, computers, video games, ovens, washers&dryers, refrigerators, ect, ect. Technology is around every corner and sadly we rely on it so much that if we ever lost our technology to power failure, terrorist attack, or whatever, then most of the world would go up in a chaotic mess.
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Basically people have matured into beings who not just investigate for comfort but want to know so they can live in that comfort. Science in the purest sense is is a system of how things work, and what is science should always be definitive, reliable and infallibly.

What some people think is science is really art and science measures definite things and life is more dynamic than some have been led to believe. Take Medicine for example..this is really an Art as people differ and the understanding of the make up of the body is limite because the systems of measurement need to evolve. One Scientific truth is that matter cannot be created or destroyed but to say that the world is round and that a universe of certain plants etc. Exist, is now up for study again, as systems of measurement evolve.

Paintings accurately define feelings in a personal historical or emotional "text", that is science. Dance pools a slice of or an entire society as God captures in his "temple" the holiness of man's emotion as he/she contends with the soul of the world, yet they call it art...
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Science is so important in our daily life because...
Ok here we go electricity science is that with out electricity our lives would be pitch black, no television. Also because medication without it if we got sick we will either die or stay ill
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Science is a part of our life since our ancestors.

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