What Is The Process Of Social Change?


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Social change can be defined as.

''Social change is a process by which alteration take place in the structure and function of a social mechanism ''.Evolution, invention of new techniques, adaptation of new ideas is all example of social change.

Alteration both in structure and function of social system occur as a result of such thing. Social change and development takes place in societies. The wheel of social change cannot be stopped. The process of social change starts when an innovation spread in a society. Social change accepted easily in some societies and some societies show rigidness in acceptance.

The process of social change has few steps they are.
1. Discovery
2. Invention
3. Innovation
4. Diffusion of innovation
5. Social change.

Discovery is a shared human perception of an aspect of reality which already exists.Discovery becomes a factor of social change only when it is put to use. A discovery adds something new to the culture because although this reality may always have existed it becomes part of the culture.

New combination of existing things (discoveries) is invention and it is a long process to invent anything. There is two types of invention.
1. Material invention
2. Social invention.

Discovery --> Invention.

And innovation is more developed and refined form of invention.

Discovery --> Invention --> Innovation.

One of the greatest pains of human nature is the pain of new idea. It makes you think after all, your favorite nation may be wrong, your firmest belief may be ill. It is naturally common men hate new ideas, and disposes more or less to ill. When we have an innovation, then it is time to diffuse it in society. There are a lot of ways to diffuse innovations in a society but most effective and popular are.
1. Communication channels.
2. Mass media.
3. Interpersonal communication.
After successful diffusion of innovation, we can see and feel the social change.

Discovery --> Invention --> innovation --> Social change.
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