What Is The Illustration Of Communication Process?


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The illustration of the communication is a loop that is made up of four different stages. These stages are the sender, the message, the receiver and the feedback. The communication process sees that a message is sent from sender to receiver and feedback is sent from receiver to sender. It demonstrates that all factors can affect communication and a communication process is considered successful if the message received is the same as the one that was sent. The communication process, therefore, follows the four steps as follows:

  • Sender
This is the communicator who is sending the message. How effective the sender will be as a communicator will depend on two main factors. The first is whether the sender has a positive attitude. The second is the communicator's selection of meaningful symbols. They will need to make sure they have selected the correct symbols for the right audience.

  • Message
The message is simply a communication in writing, in speech or via symbols or signals.

  • Receiver
This is the person who is receiving the message. They will be understanding it, making sense of it and translating it into meaning. The receiver is also a communicator because when he or she responds, they will take over the communicator role. A communication is only considered successful if the reaction of the receiver is that which the communicator expected and intended. Effective communication requires shared understanding and meaning.

  • Feedback
This is the reaction that is given by the receiver. This reaction may be verbal or nonverbal and can come in the form of external feedback or internal feedback. This feedback allows the communicator to adjust his or her message so that it can be more effective.  If there is no feedback, there is no way of knowing whether the communication was successful or not.

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