How Is Artificial Blood Made, Is It Compatible With Real Human Blood?


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There are two main ingredients which are required in order to make artificial blood. The first ingredient is known as Per fluorocarbons (PFC) which helps supplying oxygen to the artificial blood which is very essential as real human blood does contain a large percentage of oxygen in it. The other ingredient which is required to be in the artificial blood is the haemoglobin substitute which takes the oxygen in the blood further ahead to the rest of the body. Artificial blood is actually compatible in the human body but only limited amounts of it till the actual blood is transferred inside the body.
During excess blood loss, it is very important to stop the blood from coming out, so in this case the artificial blood is used which makes up for the blood that is lost.
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An alternate to red blood cells and artificially made blood can be used. The artificial blood is produced for the sole purpose of transportation of carbon dioxide and oxygen throughout the body. It is also import to know that artificial blood depends how is it formulated and will carry the job accordingly. The same can be designed and regularized using different sort of synthetic production, chemical isolation, or recombinant biochemical technology.

At the other hand the true and natural blood is created as to serve many different functions at the same time. So it can be said that an artificial blood cannot be totally substitute for the natural blood but for some special purpose may be done so. The development of first blood substitutes dates back to the early 1600s, and the thus the desire for ideal blood continues and still in progress. There are many manufacturers that are trying to produce a truly safe and effective artificial blood to substitute the nature blood either partially or totally, but so far there is no such product marketed. It is also anticipated that if a safe and effective artificial blood product is available, it will have annual sales of over Seven and Half Billion dollars in the US alone and Hundreds of Billion Dollars in the rest of the world.

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