Why Does Water And Rubbing Alcohol Mix Together?


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Water and Rubbing alcohol mix together because the ethanol (rubbing alcohol) is soluble in water. In fact rubbing alcohol already contains some water in it.

In contrast, water and oil will not mix together, instead the least dense liquid (in this case the oil) will simply rise to the top of the mixture.

Two substances that are soluble together are said to be called "miscible".

Does rubbing alcohol mix with water?

There are a number of reasons why some substances, such as water and rubbing alcohol, are miscible;

  • The main factor which determines if two substances are miscible is the balance of the intermolecular forces between the two. In the case of rubbing alcohol and water, both are able to make hydrogen bonds between their molecules, which explains why they are soluble.
  • Temperature can also have an effect on the miscibility of two substances. At certain temperatures they may not be able to from the intermolecular bonds that are needed.
  • Pressure has much the same impact as temperature does on the solubility of two substances.
  • Density is not vital but plays a part in determining if two substances will mix.
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Rubbing alcohol contains no oil content so it mixes easily with water.  Also, rubbing alcohol evaporates, unlike oil or oil like substances. 

It also contains a portion of water as it is extracted from the liquid, water of plants/ no oil involved and is distilled, evaporation forming into droplets becoming pure form.

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