What Is The Different Contributions Of Biology In Our Society?


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Biology is the study of living things; without biology, we would not understand the systems and processes of all living organisms. Biology contributes to society in many different ways; biologists use their knowledge of living organisms to make advancements in medicine, botany, farming, fisheries, and many other spheres of industry. This important scientific field is essential to progress in society. We are all living things, and the more we understand our own bodies (with information derived from biological science), the more hope we can have of curing diseases, easing pain, battling genetic disorders, and creating enough animal, fish and plant-based food sources to feed the world population.

Biology Can Be A Fulfilling Career Choice In Our Society

Biology is taught in schools all over the globe; at the moment, new generations of students are learning all about the living organisms found in our world; this knowledge goes right to a cellular level. Without budding biologists to continue their studies and become experts, the scientific know-how of living things will decline. Jobs in society that require the use of biology include:

• Marine biologist (studies marine life and finds ways to sustain and improve the health and longevity of species and ecosystems)
• Microbiologist (these scientists study microscopic organisms known as microbes)
• Pharmacy Technician (dispenses medication to clients; must understand the principles of biology before taking on this important role)
• High School Science Teacher (teaches biology and other scientific principles to students in junior, sophomore, and high school grades)

As you can see, biology plays many important roles in society; this scientific field affects food production and the longevity of animal, fish, and insect also determines the direction of medical research and development that impacts the health of all citizens in society. Understanding the principles of biology can lead to great improvements for all mankind.

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