What Is The Contribution Of Galen In The Field Of Biology?


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Galen is considered to have made a huge contribution in the field of anatomy, which is of course one of the most important areas of biology when it comes to society. Galen, or Claudius Galenus, was born in September AD 129, and is more commonly known in the fields of science and history as the Galen of Pergamon. He was an incredibly prominent Roman, of Greek ethnicity, who was renowned for being a physician, a surgeon and a philosopher. Three interesting life choices, but he was incredible at all of them.

Today, he is still arguably one of the most accomplished of all the medical researchers of antiquity. Galen also contributed massively to the understanding of a huge number of different scientific disciplines, too, making his contributions stretch even further than just anatomy. He also broke barriers in terms of physiology, pathology, pharmacology and neurology, and outside of the realms of biology he broke barriers in philosophy and logic.

Galen was the son of Aelius Nicon, who was a wealthy architect who had scholarly interests, meaning that Galen was indeed one of the first in his family to enter these realms of study. However, given his family's wealth he was able to obtain a great and comprehensive education that put him in the right place to become an incredibly successful physician and philosopher. He ended up traveling a lot, too. He exposed himself to a huge variety of medical theories during his travels, and he made many discoveries before he finally decide to settle down in Rome. It was here that he served prominent members of the Roman society, and soon was given the position of becoming a personal physician to a number of Roman emperors. He had an extensive and varying knowledge of so many areas in biology.
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The Contribution Of Galen In The Field Of Biology is the huge Contribution in the anatomy.

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